Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[IN ROTATION] Valerio Orlandini - Saturno Meccanico

[Industrial Ambient]
Valerio Orlandini - Saturno Meccanico
(Released July 1, 2012)

Valerio Orlandini is an artist in the broader sense of the term, seeking an ideal union among different disciplines: music, poetry, visual arts, and anything else that can be a part of a whole. 

Active since 2005 with the ethereal ambient project Symbiosis, Valerio soon felt the need to create another entity, this time using his real name, to embrace a broader musical and visual spectrum without the limitations that a specific project, with its own name and imagery, necessarily brings.
During these years Valerio played in selected live events, released some tracks to the masses and worked together with some of the most interesting underground artits of nowadays.
"Saturno Meccanico", released in late 2012, summarizes the last three years of music creation. From gloomy ambient soundscapes to harsh industrial rhythms: everything that identifies Valerio's sound is featured in these dense 30 minutes of dark music.