Sunday, September 25, 2016

[GHOST BOX RADIO] Compilation Vol. 2 - Wight Noise

 [GHOST BOX RADIO] Compilation Vol. 2 - Wight Noise

[GHOST BOX] Radio plays music submitted for rotation by the artists themselves. Independent, commercial-free radio.
Obscure as it is, this genre is huge. There are communities within communities of like minded artists spanning the globe in both analog and digital worlds. Ancient rites, ripped to bits in the age of information. Darkness to punctuate the flames. Sci fi landscapes. The beauty of urban decay. The terror of it all. This music needs to be heard.
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Special appreciation goes to Mark Sykes, without whom Ghost Box Radio might not exist.

THANK YOU to all of the artists who generously contributed their work to this compilation. I'm honored to curate this incredible music.