Monday, May 25, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Worms of the Earth - Sitra Achra

Worms of the Earth - Sitra Achra
Released April 21, 2015

Gamaliel - Corrupted Sanctuary of Fire
[Official Video]

Friday, May 22, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Willy Stamati - Reworked Tracks

Willy Stamati - Reworked Tracks
Released May, 2015

Composed by Willy Stamati.
Recorded at Aethra Records.
Cover by Syntopia.

About album:
The album is a compilation of reworked versions of the tracks written in 2012-2015.
Based on sounds of the following tracks: "Distorted Laugh" from the album "Experimentalwerke: Spectrum" (CD 1, 2012),
"I'm Here" from the album "Experimentalwerke: Spectrum" (CD 2, 2012), "I Will not Answer" from the album "The Hand Wasn't Moving" (2013),
"Her Eyes Shine Like Thousand Suns" from the album "Lost Archive" (2015).

Willy Stamati:
(c) Aethra Records, 2015. All rights reserved.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Mushrooms & Kshatriy

Kshatriy & Mushrooms
Recorded 2006. Released April 15, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"This is a magical journey consisting of nine pieces emerged from the intuitive contemplation of the most secret levels of consciousness dissolved in the space.
Psychedelic atmosphere, psychoactive sound."