Thursday, July 25, 2013

[NEW IN ROTATION] Nihili Christi


[Selected Tracks]
Becoming Nothing
Emotional Autism
Tumore Spirituale
Buried Among Strangers
Il Consiglio Dei Nove

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[NEW IN ROTATION] Shinkiro - Reflections Of Her Deepest Fears

Shinkiro - Reflections Of Her Deepest Fears
 (Released July 7, 2013)
Selected Tracks
  1. Shinkiro    First Stage    9:31
  2. Shinkiro    Second Stage    4:58
  3. Shinkiro    Third Stage    10:02
  4. Shinkiro    Fourth Stage    2:26
  5. Shinkiro    Fifth Stage    2:05
  6. Shinkiro    Sixth Stage    4:37
  7. Shinkiro    Final Stage    7:58
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From Bandcamp:
"A previously unreleased album, compiled and reworked the old recordings between 2003 and 2007 but almost tracks were made at the same period of "Deep Blue". This is the actual 2nd album. A story consists of 8 stages to recover a series of her reflections to the trauma. Darkest gloomy drones mixed with ritual percussions swamped into the seabed. Japanese voice samples blended with straines piano drag you into this imaginary story

[NEW IN ROTATION] Marc Broude - Medicine

Marc Broude - Medicine
(Released August 15, 2011)

Selected Tracks:
  1. Muerte 6:44
  2. Mineral Water 4:05
  3. Frownland (Medicine B-Side)
  4. War of the Worlds 6:25
  5. For the Flies 5:52
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Marc Broude - Medicine on
Marc Broude on Soundcloud 
Marc Broude on Bandcamp

[NEW IN ROTATION] GV-Sound Netlabel compilation: the Times

 GV-Sound Netlabel compilation:
the Times
(Released July 14, 2013)

the times: the Past
Selected Tracks:
  1. Mytrip - From A Distance 9:09
  2. Gydja & Maru - Doorkeepers 9:03
  3. Tribes Of Medusa & ELDAR - War Scroll (Remix) 4:38
  4. RMSS Systems Inc. - Maze Of Doom 9:30

Selected Tracks:
  1. Halgrath - In Excelsis Aspirationibus 3:49
  2. Druhá Smrt - Here & Now 6:35
  3. Cryobiosis - Dogma 4:05
  4. EyeScream - Alive Alone 5:00
  5. the Picturesque Episodes - Tokyo Pulse 8:40
  6. SiJ - Endless Journey 6:08
  7. Wialenove - The Beginning 7:46
Selected Tracks:
  1. DisFatum - Mechanismus Des Alls Wartet Ihriges Aufwachen 4:42   
  2. Algol - Last Minutes Of Dying Star 8:37  
  3. Dmitry Evgrafov and Heinali - Aurora 4:34  
  4. Creation VI - Astrosole Infinitas (SiJ Version) 9:45   
  5. Jan Amit & Montren - Outbacks 5:46   
  6. Organoid - Luminescence 3:03  
  7. EUS, Postdrome & Saåad - Destruction 6:47  
  8. Subinterior - Close To The End 5:50   
  9. Morbid Silence - After 4:37  
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From GV-Sound's Bandcamp page:

"Carefully selected four hours of music from the Ukrainian digital label GV Sound invite the listener into the world, full of the most varied of images and stories. Each track is a unique vision of a single face of the world. Focusing on ambient music, a compilation "The Times" creates maximum space for the listener and works like the documentary footage which slowly give way, giving all the details to consider this or that picture of the situation, emotion or concept."

"At the three parts of the collection are a lot of projects from around the world that build up the ambient music of various kinds - from the dark and mystical ritual, to light New Age and meditative drones. Each track - a small galaxy, a spiral which measured rotate against infinity. It is difficult to predict whether each subsequent history of emotional and exciting, or a detached listener Irradiating the radiation fluxes, because the spectrum covered by the state is very broad. This compilation - a leisurely journey to where between the smallest divisions begins the face of Eternity.
(c) Pied Pape" 

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