Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[NEW IN ROTATION] Shinkiro - Reflections Of Her Deepest Fears

Shinkiro - Reflections Of Her Deepest Fears
 (Released July 7, 2013)
Selected Tracks
  1. Shinkiro    First Stage    9:31
  2. Shinkiro    Second Stage    4:58
  3. Shinkiro    Third Stage    10:02
  4. Shinkiro    Fourth Stage    2:26
  5. Shinkiro    Fifth Stage    2:05
  6. Shinkiro    Sixth Stage    4:37
  7. Shinkiro    Final Stage    7:58
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From Bandcamp:
"A previously unreleased album, compiled and reworked the old recordings between 2003 and 2007 but almost tracks were made at the same period of "Deep Blue". This is the actual 2nd album. A story consists of 8 stages to recover a series of her reflections to the trauma. Darkest gloomy drones mixed with ritual percussions swamped into the seabed. Japanese voice samples blended with straines piano drag you into this imaginary story