Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Stembreo - Sugar and Mazed Bed

Selected tracks from:
Stembreo - Sugar and Mazed Bed
Released February 28, 2015


[NEW IN ROTATION] Eris and Dysnomia - Terra

Eris and Dysnomia - Terra
Released June 9, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"Terra, the debut release from Eris and Dysnomia, is an experimental dark ambient interpretation of four distinct locations on the planet. The kind of audiologue that may well exist in some far off traveler's database of "places of interest" on this odd world..."

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Dayin - Letting Go of People

Dayin - Letting Go of People
Released March 16, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"Letting Go of People is about humans you wish you never met. Their voices are echoing inside, answering words you wish you never had to say. These thirty minutes, sliced into seven pieces are a reminder of not only all wrong choices you have ever made, but also of those mistakes, which are yet to follow. Dayin is about harsh drones and regret, but is mostly a relief."

[NEW IN ROTATION] Mytrip - Empty

Mytrip - Empty
Released March 3, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Moviolas - Dark Shadows

Selected tracks from
The Moviolas - Dark Shadows
Released August 18, 2015

The Moviolas - Sirena Garden

From Facebook:
"An ensemble that draws on the sonic traditions and atmospheres of cinema ‘re-versioned’ to work as stand-alone music as well as with visuals.

The Moviolas is an ensemble based around the talents of composer and multi-instrumentalist Waldo Fabian, lyricist and scenarist Philip Hayward and video artist Grayson Cooke. The ensemble’s recordings also feature various guest vocalists and instrumentalists.

The band came together in 2014 to produce music that draws on the sonic traditions and atmospheres of cinema ‘re-versioned’ to work as stand-alone music. Combining songs, dialogue and narration with a variety of instrumental textures and feels; the Moviolas’ music creates vivid scenarios and dramatic fragments of narrative in audio form. In live performances the core ensemble is augmented by Grayson Cooke’s visual improvisations that create visual textures that interweave with the musical flow to give a rich live experience."

Sunday, October 25, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Sombre Soniks Studios compilation - Dark Ambient Vol 10

Selected tracks from:
Sombre Soniks Studios compilation
Dark Ambient Vol 10
Released September 23, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"Kompleting thee fifth year of kompilations we present thee Tenth in thee 'Dark Ambient' series with thee latest 23 kompositions.
As with Volume 5, thee format has been changed for thee latest kompilation and Artists were invited to join in kollaboration with each other...This means that thee volume features 46 projekts kollaborating on 23 kompositions!"

Sunday, August 23, 2015

[GHOST BOX] Live with ĦΔZΔŘĐ - August 23, 2015

[BAD VIBES] Episode 1

August 23, 2015

> (1st Half)
Celestial Sight - Sleep
Exit To Exist - Lemuria
Oneirich - Zonder eten naar bed (calmib)
Babalith - The Doom That Came To Sarnath
Hertz & Mystified - Transformation
Worms of the Earth - Path Of Samekh
Wychdoktor - Bleeding Earth
Sidewalks and Skeletons - Unmarked VHS Tape #2

> (2nd Half)

 The Implicit Order - A Fair Place To Spend Eternity
Cousin Silas - Inside The Pink Vortex
Kshatriy - Growing mushrooms
Chaostetic - Visions (Part 2)
Backyard Ghost - The Circular Ruins
A034 - Growling currupt drone (growls and corruption by Ripit)

> (3rd Half)
Broken Mind - Rapture
Valerio Orlandini - Contemplazione del Tuo Corpo Nudo e Morto
Witch Eyes - Unravel
Mond (Luigi Porto) - La Lunga Strada Verso Casa
Aphotic Apathy - Pathogen

> (4th half)
Bathory Legion - Inhumana / The Silence Towers
Nadia Lena Blue - The Origin
Day Before Us - Room 2
Kammarheit - The Nest
Atra Aeterna - Lumière
r.roo - calm
A Bleeding Star - 4:00 - Alone, I Dwell...Surrounded By Her Tormented Ghosts & the Spirits of Hel

Saturday, August 15, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Selected tracks from Yumi Hara & Guy Harries - Wheels Within Wheels

Yumi Hara & Guy Harries -
Wheels Within Wheels
Released July 23, 2015

From Bandcamp:

Sombre Soniks is extremely proud to announce thee release of a new kollaborative work between Yumi Hara and Guy Harries!

Koming after their ‘Sonic Rituals’ projekt, this release features a selektion of live kompositions taken from their tours of Japan and Lithuania, totalling just over 42mins of avant-garde soundskapes. Also inkludes a 15 page booklet featuring info on thee Artists and photos from thee tours!

From thee Artists:
"Sound artists Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries work as a duo, creating ‘sonic rituals’. Using voices, found objects, electronic processing, field recordings, and nonlinear synthesizers, the duo’s performances unfold through a process of improvisation. The structure of the performances, which is never premeditated, is inspired by the concept of ritual, imbued with intent and a sense of inevitability, yet allowing for risk and unpredictability to lead the scenario in new directions."

Tracks 2, 4, 6 were recorded live during the Sonic Rituals Japan Tour December 2014

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, were recorded on location at the Composers’ Union Guest House, Druskininkai, Lithuania in May 2012

Special thanks to: Druskomanija Festival, Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Sigute Ilgauskaite, University of East London, JASMIM, Isshee, Minol Umemoto, Koota, Kazuo Kuro’o,Puyo and Chris Cutler.
released 23 July 2015

Music created and performed by Guy Harries and Yumi Hara
Texts (tracks 2, 4, 6) by Chris Cutler

Recorded by Guy Harries and Yumi Hara
Edited, mixed and mastered by Guy Harries
Artwork by Yumi Hara 

[NEW IN ROTATION] Selected tracks from Oneirich - Noot in het West-Vlaams

Oneirich - Nooit in het West-Vlaams
 Released November 24, 2014

From Bandcamp:

"Nooit in het West-Vlaams" is Oneirich's first album. Ambient and noise inspired by the dreadfulness of the weekly rat race.

∴ For the best experience, listen with headphones ∴

[NEW IN ROTATION] Selected tracks from Babalith - The Dream Cycle

Babalith - The Dream Cycle
Released June 23, 2015

From Bandcamp:

"This is thee latest release from thee Portuguese projekt Babalith. After their superb ‘Inferno’ komes thee equally atmospherik ‘The Dream Cycle’, this time based upon thee works of HP Lovecraft!

An eklektik mixture of kompositions kreated using a variety of effekts and rekording tekniques that perfektly kompliments thee Lovecraftian theme!

From thee Artist:
"The Dream Cycle was constructed very slowly and took one year to travel from its idea to its conclusion, it was shaped in the shade of my dreams, as it once was by H. P. Lovecraft's. I wanted to capture those early stories of his because they weren't obvious in their terror: the intense horror that is ever present in each tale from Lovecraft's Dream Cycle is the dream awareness, the sensitivity living at the skin of the dream body. This I found worth to translate into a sound-atmosphere, and a reminder of what my music always meant."

Saturday, August 1, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Sombre Soniks Studios Compilation - Dark Ambient Vol. 9

Sombre Soniks Studios Compilation
Dark Ambient Vol. 9
Released March 20, 2015

From Bandcamp:
Ninth in thee series of bi-annual kompilations presenting 23 Dark Ambient kompositions. This time thee participants were asked to kreate something following a theme of 'Dreams'.

Released on thee Spring Equinox 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Worms of the Earth - Sitra Achra

Worms of the Earth - Sitra Achra
Released April 21, 2015

Gamaliel - Corrupted Sanctuary of Fire
[Official Video]

Friday, May 22, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Willy Stamati - Reworked Tracks

Willy Stamati - Reworked Tracks
Released May, 2015

Composed by Willy Stamati.
Recorded at Aethra Records.
Cover by Syntopia.

About album:
The album is a compilation of reworked versions of the tracks written in 2012-2015.
Based on sounds of the following tracks: "Distorted Laugh" from the album "Experimentalwerke: Spectrum" (CD 1, 2012),
"I'm Here" from the album "Experimentalwerke: Spectrum" (CD 2, 2012), "I Will not Answer" from the album "The Hand Wasn't Moving" (2013),
"Her Eyes Shine Like Thousand Suns" from the album "Lost Archive" (2015).

Willy Stamati:
(c) Aethra Records, 2015. All rights reserved.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Mushrooms & Kshatriy

Kshatriy & Mushrooms
Recorded 2006. Released April 15, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"This is a magical journey consisting of nine pieces emerged from the intuitive contemplation of the most secret levels of consciousness dissolved in the space.
Psychedelic atmosphere, psychoactive sound."

Thursday, April 30, 2015

[INTERVIEW] With Bathory Legion

Interview with  
Bathory Legion
from Ghost Box Radio
Bathory Legion is a ritual ambient/experimental/noise project from Italy. This music is visceral. Painful. Beautiful. Terrifying. Humble. BL's roots are in Black Metal but has moved into the esoteric realms of dark ambient.

BL has been in rotation on Ghost Box Radio since the beginning. A wonderful collaborator and very supportive in the community, BL runs the Planetaria Store -- an independent label and music resource.

[Haz] Who are you as an artist? What is your philosophy?
[BL] Bathory Legion, or BL. My philosophy is “Anarcoesoterismo” (Anarcho-Esoterism)

[Haz] You've transformed from Bathory Legion to BL. Why this change?
[BL] Logo and moniker was always composed by the only two letters BL, and originally was composed by two runes Berkana - Laguz, and I chose that moniker in 2005. Now it’s time to change because I’m ending the circle and want to explore another kinds of paths, but I will never change my beliefs.

[Haz] You've been making music for many years. What is your vision of the future?
[BL] Yeah I make music since 1995. My future will be about composing soundtracks, and deep experimental stuff, I don’t want to have nothing to do with some scenes anymore, too much dumbs inside the clubs, for example, and too much lousy labels. There’s a some interesting person as well, but I 'm putting an irreversible from that scenes.

[Haz] Which do you like better, studio work or playing live?
[BL] I hate play live as BL, because on stage I’m alone so I’m chained to my gear, I can’t move myself. Probably I’d like to perform live some BM tracks as vocalist as many years ago, in order to have the chance to express myself on stage without playing.

[Haz] When you play live, when do you know you have succeeded in the performance?
[BL] If the audience die.
If they did some cool comments after the gig , nice reviews, buy the merchandise, or stuff like that. Honestly, I’m not interested in their opinion, just if another musician or an Esoterist like my work and tell me I’m satisfied, because just another musician is able to comprehend the immense work behind one of my live-set, included the visual part.

[Haz] What is it like to see BL live? (What would I see and feel if I heard you perform live? Your live show seems ritualized. What is this ritual and what is its purpose?)
[BL] Yeah there are rituals. In my past shows I simple played in the dark, and I left the visuals I did and the music talked for me. I can’t stand people that do too much pics of me, for example. The purpose is to put a spell on some people, to curse some people and to wake some people. To help some people. It depends on the people.

[Haz] How does the esoteric play into your music?
[BL] My music is one of the expression of my esoteric path, So it’s truly important.

[Haz] What instruments do you play?
[BL] I play Drums, piano and key.

[Haz] When did you start making music?
[BL] I started to play piano when I was 5 year old and drums when I was 11

[Haz] When did you find your voice as an artist? (When did it became clear you were meant to do this? your "voice" is your unique style. Your artistic vision.)
[BL] When I was 5 year old, the first time I listened to Liszt and Goblin

[Haz] Where does your music come from?
[BL] Lucifer

[Haz] Do you have a muse?
[BL] Currently: yes, I think. But I’m not inspired by anyone in my music.

[Haz] Who is VERMIIN?
[BL] Vermiin is a futuristic black metal band formed by me and J. Stillings from Steel Hook Prostheses, and some guests like Nysrok from Alien Vampires which is my Brother since 1995. We did a debut album entitled “Spiritual Parasites”, the first imprint of Steel Hook Recordings of J. Stillings, distributed exclusively also by Malignant Records, Crucial Blast Records and my Planetaria Store.

[Haz] What is VERMIIN's vision?
[BL] Chaos, Lucifer, Occultism, extreme but experimental and innovative sounds. We don’t need to lift anyone, cause we are able to create something new. People will understand that work on the next 10 years probably.

[Haz] How was it working with John Stillings?
[BL] He’s a great person and a serious professional. I respect his works.

[Haz] Do you think you'll perform VERMIIN live?
[BL] No, I don’t think that will be possible because the band is formed by people from the US, Italy and the UK, but you never know.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Druhá Smrt - Occurrentium

Druhá Smrt - Occurrentium
Released April 23, 2015


“Occurrentium is a natural continuation, and also aculmination is a sense, of the ritual process started on ‘Recurrence’ and expanded via "Transcurrence". The main mystickal/magickal idea behind these is finally by our movement going through the event horizon of Eschaton, which we understand also as Wordless Aeon... We hope that this ritual process we created and reified as a sound hiero/glyph for this magickal act of transgression will also have an impact for listener.”

Tags: dark ambient, experimental, ritual ambient, drone, experimental electronic, occult

Monday, April 20, 2015


Selected tracks from:
Part 1 - Coma
Released April 15, 2015

Part 2 - Amoc
 Released April 15, 2015

M.NOMIZED : Dronescapes, Loops, Electric Guitar, Reversed Sounds.
Recorded at Fraction Studio (France)

SYLPHIDES : Treatments Electronics Synthetisers , SH-101, Effects Guitar, Melodica, Percussions, Noises, Samples.
Recorded at Home Studio Sylphides (Belgium)

Sylphides on Tumblr
Sylphides on Facebook

M.NOMIZED on Bandcamp
M​.​NOMIZED on Facebook
M​.​NOMIZED on Discogs

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Selected tracks from
SONA NYL - Refugee
Released April 15, 2015

Excerpt from Bandcamp:
     "SONA NYL is a french project born in 2012. After being guitarist for few noisy bands in late 90's & DJ for few goth parties in early 2000, I strongly felt that this way ov expression wasn't for me. After long years ov artistic death, I decided to create my own monolitic project. Motivated by internal emptiness feelings, misunderstanding ov the world. If the world doesn't fit with my beliefs so I have to create my own. You won't find here a list ov the gear I use. I consider music as magic. Magic is a secret art & so the music has to be. But it's only my opinion."
SONA NYL on Wordpress

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Selected tracks from:
IFAR Musique Concrète
Eye of Umbra compilation

Released March 15, 2015

IFAR Musique Concrete on Bandcamp

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, March 13, 2015


Selected tracks from:
Sielwolf & Nam-khar - Atavist Craft
Released February 23, 2015

Sielwolf & Nam-khar on Bandcamp

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Selected tracks from:
A Bleeding Star:
The Bloody Hours – 3:AM –
Welcome To The Bloody Hours,
Ladies & Gentlemen 

Released February 13, 2009
Album on Discogs 
Album on Last.FM 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Selected tracks from:
:§:omnium - Gelida Vampa

 Released February 11, 2012


 Album on Bandcamp


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Selected Tracks from:
World of Metal and Rust - GRIME

 Released December 28, 2014



Album on Bandcamp


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Selected Tracks from:

Ian Haygreen - Traces of the Unseen 
Released October 27, 2014

Ian Haygreen on Bandcamp

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Selected Tracks from:

Sonologyst - Unexplained Sounds
Released May 1, 2014
Album on Bandcamp

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Selected Tracks from:

Wounds of the Earth
Compilation Vol. 6

Released November 7, 2014
Album on Bandcamp
Wounds of the Earth Zine
Facebook Page

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

[SPECIAL FEATURE] Sunday, January 25 @ 12pm CST (GMT-6)

Mikael Hirsz: 13 Weeks 
(Released January 6. 2015)

"In the late summer of 1994 I was admitted, for the first time, into a local psychiatric facility. I was in a delusional state and believed people wanted to kill me, I spent the next 13 weeks in a drugged state and upon release I knew I would be back. This album is my 2nd attempt to create a sonic picture of what happened. It was composed entirely from field recordings and standard effects."

"Mikael hails from Glasgow, Scotland. As a 17 year old Mikael was made homeless and spent the next 6 years in hostels and sleeping on friends floors, he became a drummer and background vocalist in a death metal band who were quite succesful on the Glasgow music scene. Still a metalhead to the core, Mikael now channels the darkness of death and doom metal bands and his life experience into his computer based music. Mikael's dream is to one day score music for films, especially the horror films he loves."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[SPECIAL FEATURE] Sunday, January 18 @ 12pm & 8pm CST (GMT-6)

SiJ: Shimmering Lights 
Live from ФИОLAND 23.08.2014.
(Released December 15, 2014)

  1. Tracklist:
  2. Heolstor
  3. Odd Reminiscence
  4. Dilapidated Lea of Memory
  5. Old legend
  6. Gate of Life and Death
  7. Deep In Dreams
  8. Flying To The Dreams
  9. Hope
  10. Birth Of Life
  11. The End
  12. River of the Time
  13. Echoes from Eternity