Saturday, August 15, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Selected tracks from Babalith - The Dream Cycle

Babalith - The Dream Cycle
Released June 23, 2015

From Bandcamp:

"This is thee latest release from thee Portuguese projekt Babalith. After their superb ‘Inferno’ komes thee equally atmospherik ‘The Dream Cycle’, this time based upon thee works of HP Lovecraft!

An eklektik mixture of kompositions kreated using a variety of effekts and rekording tekniques that perfektly kompliments thee Lovecraftian theme!

From thee Artist:
"The Dream Cycle was constructed very slowly and took one year to travel from its idea to its conclusion, it was shaped in the shade of my dreams, as it once was by H. P. Lovecraft's. I wanted to capture those early stories of his because they weren't obvious in their terror: the intense horror that is ever present in each tale from Lovecraft's Dream Cycle is the dream awareness, the sensitivity living at the skin of the dream body. This I found worth to translate into a sound-atmosphere, and a reminder of what my music always meant."