Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] VVAA - The Mother Stone

Selected tracks from:
VVAA - The Mother Stone
Released February 14, 2016


(Credits from

"The Mother Stone" is of these oneiric albums that realizes its pure poetic lavishness due to the purposeful intersection of significances, metaphors, instruments, interpretations and wavering ecletic moods. String instruments, mallet instruments, guitars, piano, vocoder, synthesizers, field recordings, and voices which harmonize the acting in 4 distinct languages (english, french, spanish and italian) are the vital ingredients that form this intimate concoction of poetry, music, noise, theater and silence thus creating a pulsating flow of darkness and a driving force that seems capable to generate surrealistic parallel universes. The glitch side of the album is mostly reduced, and if crackles, squeakings or streams of static noise occur, they are by their very nature present yet distant, a voiceover that amalgamates and combines but definitely embraced by the caress of a dis-harmonious improvisational squared structures.

© 2016
All the poems are written by Peter Wullen
Music written and composed by Emiliano Pietrini
Acting voice in English: Imi Gavin
Acting voice in Spanish: Isabel Ros De Castro
Acting voice in Italian: Emiliano Pietrini
Acting voice in French: Christoph Bruneel

Spanish translation of the poems curated by Isabel Ros De Castro
Italian translation of the poems curated by Emiliano Pietrini
French translation of the poems curated by Christoph Bruneel
Cover Art by Linda De Luca - graphic editing by Emiliano Pietrini
Model: Annalisa Nava


Sunday, February 14, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] World of White Ice

Selected tracks from:
World of White Ice - Sodden Awakening
Released February 14, 2014

Art & sounds by Angel Marcloid (credited as Justin Marc Lloyd).

World of White Ice -Sodden Awakening (Bandcamp)

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Selected tracks from:
World of White Ice - The Peyote in You 
Released August 2, 2015

World of White Ice - The Peyote in You (Bandcamp)

Monday, February 8, 2016


DeepDark - Deep Dark
Released December 11, 2015

DeepDark is a one-man dark ambient experimental music project from Russia.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] R'lyeh, The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections & ƘɸƴԼ

Selected tracks from:
R'lyeh - Cosmic Horror in Literature 
Released September 27, 2015

From Bandcamp:

"From Santa Cruz, California, Michelle Eris began R'lyeh in 2011 to synthesize the sounds and sonic chaos described in the works of Cosmic Horror author HP Lovecraft and others. R'lyeh creates compositions from a variety of perspectives in a spectrum from ambient to harsh, minimal to chaotic. Her musical history spans two decades rooted in death metal, grindcore, electronic, noise, punk and EDM; filtered through hallucinogenic journeys, sonic entropy and introspective discovery."

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Selected tracks from:
The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections - Far Drifters
Released January 1, 2016

From Bandcamp:

"The Second Album of
The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections,
Called Far Drifters
Is a Journey,
Sensational and somewhat experimental
to the Far Frontiers of Subconsciousness"

The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections - Far Drifters (Bandcamp link)

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Selected tracks from: 

ƘɸƴԼ - Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol. 1

 Released November 27, 2014

From Bandcamp: 

 "This album is a collection of soundscapes made on lap-style slide guitars (dobro / electric lapsteel) with effects pedals, preparations and a lapstop used for live-looping purpose.
Blending post-rock, americana, eastern music, ambient and drone in a cinematic way, the music bridges the gap between traditional & experimental, acoustic & electronic and aims for a balance between textural and melodic.

All the tracks were improvised, recorded and mixed live.
The resulting stereo master tracks were then edited to make it shorter and more suitable to non-live listening but still show every step that occured during the live recording."

"You can read about all the technical details and gear used on this record here:"