Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Stembreo - Sugar and Mazed Bed

Selected tracks from:
Stembreo - Sugar and Mazed Bed
Released February 28, 2015


[NEW IN ROTATION] Eris and Dysnomia - Terra

Eris and Dysnomia - Terra
Released June 9, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"Terra, the debut release from Eris and Dysnomia, is an experimental dark ambient interpretation of four distinct locations on the planet. The kind of audiologue that may well exist in some far off traveler's database of "places of interest" on this odd world..."

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Dayin - Letting Go of People

Dayin - Letting Go of People
Released March 16, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"Letting Go of People is about humans you wish you never met. Their voices are echoing inside, answering words you wish you never had to say. These thirty minutes, sliced into seven pieces are a reminder of not only all wrong choices you have ever made, but also of those mistakes, which are yet to follow. Dayin is about harsh drones and regret, but is mostly a relief."

[NEW IN ROTATION] Mytrip - Empty

Mytrip - Empty
Released March 3, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Moviolas - Dark Shadows

Selected tracks from
The Moviolas - Dark Shadows
Released August 18, 2015

The Moviolas - Sirena Garden

From Facebook:
"An ensemble that draws on the sonic traditions and atmospheres of cinema ‘re-versioned’ to work as stand-alone music as well as with visuals.

The Moviolas is an ensemble based around the talents of composer and multi-instrumentalist Waldo Fabian, lyricist and scenarist Philip Hayward and video artist Grayson Cooke. The ensemble’s recordings also feature various guest vocalists and instrumentalists.

The band came together in 2014 to produce music that draws on the sonic traditions and atmospheres of cinema ‘re-versioned’ to work as stand-alone music. Combining songs, dialogue and narration with a variety of instrumental textures and feels; the Moviolas’ music creates vivid scenarios and dramatic fragments of narrative in audio form. In live performances the core ensemble is augmented by Grayson Cooke’s visual improvisations that create visual textures that interweave with the musical flow to give a rich live experience."

Sunday, October 25, 2015

[NEW IN ROTATION] Sombre Soniks Studios compilation - Dark Ambient Vol 10

Selected tracks from:
Sombre Soniks Studios compilation
Dark Ambient Vol 10
Released September 23, 2015

From Bandcamp:
"Kompleting thee fifth year of kompilations we present thee Tenth in thee 'Dark Ambient' series with thee latest 23 kompositions.
As with Volume 5, thee format has been changed for thee latest kompilation and Artists were invited to join in kollaboration with each other...This means that thee volume features 46 projekts kollaborating on 23 kompositions!"

Sunday, August 23, 2015

[GHOST BOX] Live with ĦΔZΔŘĐ - August 23, 2015

[BAD VIBES] Episode 1

August 23, 2015

> (1st Half)
Celestial Sight - Sleep
Exit To Exist - Lemuria
Oneirich - Zonder eten naar bed (calmib)
Babalith - The Doom That Came To Sarnath
Hertz & Mystified - Transformation
Worms of the Earth - Path Of Samekh
Wychdoktor - Bleeding Earth
Sidewalks and Skeletons - Unmarked VHS Tape #2

> (2nd Half)

 The Implicit Order - A Fair Place To Spend Eternity
Cousin Silas - Inside The Pink Vortex
Kshatriy - Growing mushrooms
Chaostetic - Visions (Part 2)
Backyard Ghost - The Circular Ruins
A034 - Growling currupt drone (growls and corruption by Ripit)

> (3rd Half)
Broken Mind - Rapture
Valerio Orlandini - Contemplazione del Tuo Corpo Nudo e Morto
Witch Eyes - Unravel
Mond (Luigi Porto) - La Lunga Strada Verso Casa
Aphotic Apathy - Pathogen

> (4th half)
Bathory Legion - Inhumana / The Silence Towers
Nadia Lena Blue - The Origin
Day Before Us - Room 2
Kammarheit - The Nest
Atra Aeterna - Lumière
r.roo - calm
A Bleeding Star - 4:00 - Alone, I Dwell...Surrounded By Her Tormented Ghosts & the Spirits of Hel