Monday, July 16, 2018

[GHOST BOX] Radio is undead

We're back. We're bigger. We're badder. 
Online playlist: 7 days, 1 hour, 24 minutes, 41 seconds

This is an entirely new Ghost Box Radio. Before, it was a process of addition. Now, it's a process of subtraction. Rather than hand pick every track with tender loving care as I did before, I've jammed every song in my massive collection of music labelled "dark ambient" and put it on the server. Kind of like how they shove passengers onto the bullet trains during rush hour in Japan. This includes some music that is most definitely not dark ambient. It includes movie soundtracks, experimental music, spoken word, electronic artists, industrial artists, ethnic and folk artists, found sound, as well as music from every dark ambient artist in my collection who submitted music in the last 5 years. ( theory.)

I have 10 gigs of space on the server and much more than that in my collection. Fitting it all in was the issue. I converted all the music to 128kbps .mp3s in order to save space. (128kbps keeps decent sound quality to the stream while still being available to those with poor internet connections. It's standard for internet radio.) I uploaded everything at once. While uploading, I ran a mad dash through the files on the server and deleted all but a handful of tracks from each artist. Sometimes at random. Sometimes due to large size. It was a manic game. Quite fun, actually. By the time the upload stopped I had some music from every artist in my collection and 400mb to spare. It was very organic and I'm excited to hear how the mix sounds together. The larger sized files were tracks that were longer, so the length of the tracks max out at about 15 minutes.

There were 3 things that I used to do by hand that are now automated.

1. The AutoDJ software has an 8 second crossfade. This eliminates the dead air between songs. Usually. Some artists leave a bunch of dead air at the end of the track. I'll have to hear it playing on the stream it before I notice. It is what it is. I used to preview and edit each track, deleting dead air and fading out when the artist didn't. The 8 second crossfade pretty much takes care of that.

2. .MP3Gain - This program allows me to analyze all the mp3's at once and normalize volume levels to a custom level. Production styles vary wildly. I used to adjust volume by hand. This is a lot more consistent. There won't be such a wide variety of volume levels between tracks. 

2. MP3Tag - This program takes the artist info from the track and renames the file. This allows me to actually see the artists and songs on the server. 

TuneIn links and player are still being registered. They will come.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

[GHOST BOX RADIO] Compilation Vol. 2 - Wight Noise

 [GHOST BOX RADIO] Compilation Vol. 2 - Wight Noise

[GHOST BOX] Radio plays music submitted for rotation by the artists themselves. Independent, commercial-free radio.
Obscure as it is, this genre is huge. There are communities within communities of like minded artists spanning the globe in both analog and digital worlds. Ancient rites, ripped to bits in the age of information. Darkness to punctuate the flames. Sci fi landscapes. The beauty of urban decay. The terror of it all. This music needs to be heard.
[LISTEN] Stream URL:

Also available on -

Special appreciation goes to Mark Sykes, without whom Ghost Box Radio might not exist.

THANK YOU to all of the artists who generously contributed their work to this compilation. I'm honored to curate this incredible music.

Friday, July 1, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] Morvranh - Black Dynasty

Morvranh - Black Dynasty
Released June 22, 2016

From Bandcamp:

""Black Dynasty" is a vocal and instrumental based dark ambient music. Slowly evolving using spiritual and meditative background with vocals from my friend Lucia Pospíšilová, who is involved in sacral singing. This dark ambient album combines dark atmospheres with sacral feelings and also instruments like piano, strings, flute, singing bowls or percussive elements.

Vocals - Lucia Pospíšilová, Michal Polgár

Morvranh is a dark ambient project from Handlová, Slovakia founded by Michal Polgár. Morvranh, from original Morfran is brittonic mythical warrior associated with ravens and crows. Project is focused on deep music, which create ominious, foreboding, disturbing, isolated or ritual atmospheres. The first time Morvranh was published was in 2014 with album „Mysterium“. Since then many ideas, feelings and atmospheres are waiting to be put to the right form under the wings of Morvranh."


Released April 12, 2016 

From Bandcamp:

"(=border crosser/s and walker/s between this world and the world beyond)
is my new concept album about our mortal world and the Netherworld.

Friday, June 3, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] Selected tracks from Charlie Ulyatt - Dead Birds

Charlie Ulyatt - Dead Birds
Released February 27, 2016

From Bandcamp:

"Dead Birds is, perhaps, the culmination of many years spent living in the wild and sparse flatlands of Lincolnshire. The bleak endless landscapes taking form in the sound of sustained minimal electric guitar. Despite this empty landscape, a warmth runs through the shimmering notes, slowly repeating and changing like a haunting yet unsettling nursery rhyme sonically told over wide open spaces.

Although an instrumental guitar album, the title track 'Dead Birds' contains the words of a Greek poet based on the story of Icarus, told as a political allegory through a short distorted ebow blast."

Friday, March 25, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] Sidewalks and Skeletons

Selected tracks from
Sidewalks and Skeletons - White Light
Released March 5, 2015

Selected tracks from
Sidewalks and Skeletons - Future Ghosts
Released March 20, 2014

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] Sombre Soniks - Dark Ambient Vol. 11

 Selected tracks from...
Sombre Soniks Studios Presents:
Dark Ambient Vol. 11

Released March 20, 2016

~From Bandcamp:

Eleventh in thee series of bi-annual kompilations presenting 23 Dark Ambient kompositions.

This time thee participants were asked to kreate something with an 'Aleister Crowley/Thelema' theme following thee 'Eleven Letter Word' ABRAHADABRA.

Also inkluded are thee 23 info kards with individual bakground art kreated by Madguten.

All Muziks by thee respektive artists
Artwork by Madguten & P23
Kompiled & Mastered by P23

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] Atrium Carceri - Metropolis

Selected tracks from
Atrium Carceri - Metropolis
Released June 9, 2015

From Bandcamp:

"Locked out from the Illusion, this album takes place entirely in our former home. The darkened sky and gargantuan citadels line the horizon as the endless city, we once ruled as gods, stretches as far as the eye can see. Crossing the sea of the dead in search for a Beacon of Light that can lead the expedition to uncover the truth about the factions in control, what happened to the long lost architect and how to open a portal back into the colorful illusion the ignorant call home."

"This 11 track Atrium Carceri album is closely connected to The Untold and sheds more light unto what goes on in the Atrium Carceri universe and the Metropois in particular. An industrial, dark, distorted and cinematic experience unlike any other with amazing attention to detail and subtle layering, this album begs for repeated listening to take it all in."