Friday, July 1, 2016

[NEW IN ROTATION] Morvranh - Black Dynasty

Morvranh - Black Dynasty
Released June 22, 2016

From Bandcamp:

""Black Dynasty" is a vocal and instrumental based dark ambient music. Slowly evolving using spiritual and meditative background with vocals from my friend Lucia Pospíšilová, who is involved in sacral singing. This dark ambient album combines dark atmospheres with sacral feelings and also instruments like piano, strings, flute, singing bowls or percussive elements.

Vocals - Lucia Pospíšilová, Michal Polgár

Morvranh is a dark ambient project from Handlová, Slovakia founded by Michal Polgár. Morvranh, from original Morfran is brittonic mythical warrior associated with ravens and crows. Project is focused on deep music, which create ominious, foreboding, disturbing, isolated or ritual atmospheres. The first time Morvranh was published was in 2014 with album „Mysterium“. Since then many ideas, feelings and atmospheres are waiting to be put to the right form under the wings of Morvranh."