Wednesday, January 21, 2015

[SPECIAL FEATURE] Sunday, January 25 @ 12pm CST (GMT-6)

Mikael Hirsz: 13 Weeks 
(Released January 6. 2015)

"In the late summer of 1994 I was admitted, for the first time, into a local psychiatric facility. I was in a delusional state and believed people wanted to kill me, I spent the next 13 weeks in a drugged state and upon release I knew I would be back. This album is my 2nd attempt to create a sonic picture of what happened. It was composed entirely from field recordings and standard effects."

"Mikael hails from Glasgow, Scotland. As a 17 year old Mikael was made homeless and spent the next 6 years in hostels and sleeping on friends floors, he became a drummer and background vocalist in a death metal band who were quite succesful on the Glasgow music scene. Still a metalhead to the core, Mikael now channels the darkness of death and doom metal bands and his life experience into his computer based music. Mikael's dream is to one day score music for films, especially the horror films he loves."