Sunday, January 19, 2014

[NEW IN ROTATION] A NEW RELEASE from Sombre Soniks Studios

Sombre Soniks Studios Presents:
Tales of the of Grotesque and Arabesque III
Various Artists, Released January 19, 2014

Sombre Soniks is excited to start thee new year with thee opportunity to kontinue thee work of Quartier23 with this, thee third in a series of kompilations dedikated to thee writings of Edgar Allan Poe.
This series was first started by Quartier23 in 2009 on its digital sub-label Notariqon, klosely followed by volume II due to thee popularity of thee initial release...Thee series was always intended to kontinue and we are proud to be able to follow Quartier23 with this installment featuring 13 Artists interpretations of klassik writings from Edgar Allan Poe.

Also features a 271 page booklet, komplete with every short story and poem chosen by thee artists for their pieces and an intro from Quartier23!

Released on thee 205th anniversary of his birth.


released 19 January 2014
All Muziks by: Respektive Artists
Original Koncept: Quartier23
Kompiled by: Jindřich Spilka & P23
Artwork by Quartier23 & P23
Mastered by: P23
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