Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[RADIO THEATER] Wednesdays in May - Tin Man

A Mini-Series on [GHOST BOX] Radio Theater
Matt Sahr's

"The Wizard of Oz, through the eyes of the Tin Man.
Or, a robot in search of intellectual property"

Broadcast in four episodes of one hour each.
[Episode 1] Wednesday, May 1

Chapter 1: We meet an untimely doom, and a scarecrow.
Chapter 2: Scarecrow describes his troubles with Monsanto.
Chapter 3: Dorothy saves the Tinman from eternity
Chapter 4: Scarecrow flimflams and suffers inflagration.
Chapter 5: We finally make it to the Emerald City of Oz
Chapter 6: Scarecrow and Tin Man go the Wrong Way
Chapter 7: A Discussion of Sunshine and Beer.

[Episode 2] Wednesday, May 8

Chapter 8: Selfishness is dissed. We meet the narrator.
Chapter 9: Another bar story, and then intellectual property.
Chapter 10: We meet a little bird, and end up in Limbo.
Chapter 11: Upon the hills of Heaven, a nasty Wolf stalks us. 

[Episode 3] Wednesday, May 15

Chapter 12: The Wolf thwarts us, the Stoners are Confused.
Chapter 13: Across the Lonesome Valley, through the Gate.
Chapter 14: The Boatman demonstrates a lack of Gravitas.
Chapter 15: The Boatman takes us half way.
Chapter 16: We have words, and then reach the Isles of Coin.

[Episode 4] Wednesday, May 22

Chapter 17: The Isles of Coin encourage bad habits.
Chapter 18: Wanting a Soul, we return to the Land of Oz.
Chapter 19: He gets his. A soul is stock-optioned.
Chapter 20: The end of the line. The last episode.